Blade Throwing Simulator Wiki

Blades are the the main object in the game, when you throw your blade it generates power, which you then sell for coin.

Below is a list of Blades along with stats.

Blade Power Cost Island
Knife 1 Free Main
Steel Knife 2 Main
Gold Knife 3 31 Main
Crimson Knife 9 Main
Shiny Knife 15 Main
Shuriken 23 Main
Emerald Shuriken 32 Main
Gold Shuriken 42 Main
Crimson Shuriken 54 Main
Shiny Shuriken 65 Main
Dagger 78 Main
Emerald Dagger 88 Main
Crimson Dagger 100 Main
Gold Dagger 118 Main
Shiny Dagger 118 Main
Kurai 158 Main
Emerald Kurai 180 Main
Crimson Kurai 200 Main
Gold Kurai 228 Main
Shiny Kurai 260 Main
Star Cut 300 Main
Bronze Star Cut 350 Main
Emerald Star Cut 400 Main
Gold Star Cut 462 Main
Shiny Star Cut 515 Main
Saw Dagger 605 Main
Gold Saw Dagger 712 Main
Emerald Saw Dagger 832 Main
Crimson Saw Dagger 945 Main
Shiny Saw Dagger 1,050 Main
Skull Kurai 1,170 Main
Pink Skull Kurai 1,400 Forest
Emerald Skull Kurai 1,650 Forest
Gold Skull Kurai 1,900 Forest
Shiny Skull Kurai 2,250 Forest
Tri-Edge 2,700 Forest
Emerald Tri-Edge 3,500 Forest
Gold Tri-Edge 4,000 Forest
Crimson Tri-Edge 4,800 Forest
Shiny Tri-Edge 5,700 Forest
Ladder 6,900 Forest
Steel Ladder 8,200 Forest
Emerald Ladder 10.0K Forest
Gold Ladder 13.0K Forest
Shiny Ladder 15.0K Forest
Gut Knife 19.0K Forest
Cobalt Gut Knife 24.0K Forest
Emerald Gut Knife 32.0K Forest
Gold Gut Knife 35.0K Forest
Shiny Gut Knife 60.0K Ninja
Square Dash 80.0K Ninja
Gold Square Dash 125.0K Ninja
Crimson Square Dash 180.0K Ninja
Emerald Square Dash 250.0K Ninja
Shiny Square Dash 350.0K Ninja
Pink Axe 450.0K Ninja
Emerald Axe 550.0K Ninja
Gold Axe 700.0K Ninja
Emerald Spiked Axe 820.0K Ninja
Crimson Spiked Axe 1.0M Ninja
Shiny Spiked Axe 1.2M Ninja
Steel Leaf 1.5M Ninja
Gold Leaf 1.8M Ninja
Emerald Leaf 2.3M Ninja
Crimson Leaf 2.8M Ninja
Emerald Arrow 3.5M Ninja
Gold Arrow 4.2M Ninja
Crimson Arrow 5.0M Ninja
Shiny Arrow 5.8M Ninja
Steel Windmill 6.6M Ninja
Gold Windmill 7.5M Ninja
Emerald Windmill 8.4M Ninja
Crimson Windmill 9.5M Ninja
Shiny Windmill 10.0M