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As of 29/03/2020

1 (SPAWN) Basic Egg Sharp Egg
2 (MOON) Rocket Egg
3 (FOREST) Dirt Egg Tree Egg
4 (AQUA) Aqua Egg
5 (NINJA) Blossom Egg
6 (VOLCANO) Lava Egg
7 (WINTER) Frozen Egg
8 (CYBER) Cyber Egg
9 (CANDY) Candy Egg
10 (ELECTRIC) Electric Egg
11 (RADIOACTIVE) Radioactive Egg
12 (PLASMA) Plasma Egg
13 (DEMONIC) Demon Egg
14 (MONOCHROME) Monochrome Egg
15 (ANGELIC) Angelic Egg
16 (CRYSTAL) Crystal Egg
17 (ANCIENT) Ancient Egg
18 (GLITCH) Glitched Egg
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