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As of 30/03/2020

Jump Cost (without perks) Jump Cost (with jumpcost decrease I) Jump Cost (with jumpcost decrease II) Jump Cost (with jumpcost decrease III)
x1 0 Coins 0 0 0
x2 5.0K Coins 4.5K Coins 4.0K Coins 3.5K Coins
x3 30.0K Coins 27.0K Coins 24.0K Coins 21.0K Coins
x4 120.0K Coins 108.0K Coins 96.0K Coins 84.0K Coins
x5 350.0K Coins 315.0K Coins 280.0K Coins 245.0K Coins
x6 10.0M Coins 9.0M Coins 8.0M Coins 7.0M Coins
x7 18.0M Coins 16.2M Coins 14.4M Coins 12.6M Coins
x8 35.0M Coins 31.5M Coins 28.0M Coins 24.5M Coins
x9 60.0M Coins 54.0M Coins 48.0M Coins 42.0M Coins
x10 140.0M Coins 126.0M Coins 112.0M Coins 98.0M Coins
x11 250.0M Coins 225.0M Coins 200.0M Coins 175.0M Coins
x12 500.0B Coins 450.0B Coins 400.0B Coins 350.0B Coins
x13 3.0T Coins 2.7T Coins 2.4T Coins 2.1T Coins
x14 15.0T Coins 13.5T Coins 12.0T Coins 10.5T Coins
x15 2.5Qd Coins 2.25Qd Coins 2.0Qd Coins 1.75Qd Coins
x16 8.0Qd Coins 7.2Qd Coins 6.4Qd Coins 5.6Qd Coins
x17 15.0Qd Coins 13.5Qd Coins 12.0Qd Coins 10.5Qd Coins
x18 80.0Sx Coins 72.0Sx Coins 64.0Sx Coins 56.0Sx Coins
x19 5.0Oc Coins 4.5Oc Coins 4.0Oc Coins 3.5Oc Coins
x20 15.0N Coins 13.5N Coins 12.0N Coins 10.5N Coins
x21 10.0Dc Coins 9.0Dc Coins 8.0Dc Coins 7.0Dc Coins
x22 100.0Dc Coins 90.0Dc Coins 80.0Dc Coins 70.0Dc Coins
x23 1.0Td Coins 900Dd Coins 800Dd Coins 700Dd Coins
x24 11.0Td Coins 9.9Td Coins 8.8Td Coins 7.7Td Coins
x25 50.0Nvv Coins 45.0Nvv Coins 40.0Nvv Coins 35.0Nvv Coins
x26 1.1Trg Coins 990.0Nvv Coins 880.0Nvv Coins 770.0Nvv Coins
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